Group/Channel Owner

How will I make money?

Twipel system will send advertisements to your group or channel, and will pay your for each ad sent!

Is it free?

Absolutely free, no registration fee and no service fee, from Twipel you will only earn money with no commitments and no string attached

Can I control of the advertisements sent?

Of course, you will set permissions for Twipel system defining how many ads are you willing to be sent in your group or channel every day


How can I advertise my product via Twipel?

You'll just need to create a new customized campaign and Twipel will send your ads to millions of Telegram users according to your campaign targets and customization

How much does it cost?

Each campaign cost is set by different parameters and according to the target audience you define.

Can I see statistics of my campaigns?

Of course, you will see a detailed statistics of your campaigns achievements and exposers